Finding Online Influencers To Help Market Your Brand

Influencer marketing is one of the best means of promoting a positive image of a company or brand. Any reputation management company worth their salt will use some form of influencer marketing for their clients. Using influencers is important to add further credibility to the brands narrative and reinforce the messaging in the minds of their customers. Here’s how you can find influencers for your brand online.

Over the years, influencer marketing with its low cost and relatively high ROI has become a favorite among business heads. Influencer marketing is effective in shining the spotlight on the most desirable aspects of your brand to its target audience.

Influencer marketing even has an impact on an online reputation management campaign as it influences the search volumes for a given product, the links that direct to it, as well as the amount of time an average customer would spend on the page.

In turn, these factors influence how well your content will rank on the search results page. If you are looking for those, internet savvy online influencers, your best bet would be to follow the strategies outlined in this post.

Finding Influencers Using Social Media

The best place to find collaborators to work with you to promote your product is social media. It’s the best platform for anyone trying to quickly interact with a lot of people, scrutinize them and pick them for your brand if needed. You might be using several platforms for your personal life, but if you’re not already using them as an outreach method for your brand you should begin now.
Here are some important things to consider when using social media to look for influencers.

  • Your brands values, vision and mission Statements
  • Who is your Target Audience
  • What are your business goals

Once you have a better understanding of the points mentioned above it makes it easier for you to find brands that would most likely be on the same wavelength as you. Even with the criteria for shortlisting, there will be more influencers than you know what to do with and you need to be able to narrow them down even more.

Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are some of the best platforms to find influencers for your company. You can narrow down the list of social media sites further by the kind of products you sell, the market you’re selling in, and your audience.

Find Influencers Using Google

With the resources with Google behind you, you know that you can’t miss. A casual search for influencers using the powerful search engine makes sense. But there is no need to dive head first and blind too. You need to know what your objective is. What do you hope to achieve with the influencer marketing campaign? Is it:

  • To get content for your sire via guest posting
  • A pubic shoutout for your brand to raise awareness
  • Cross promotions opportunities
  • A sponsored post to drive traffic to your site

Once you know what you want you can use targeted search keywords to get more precise results. Let’s say for instance you’re looking for someone to write a guest post for you in order to improve your bogs reach. Using the following Google search operators.

  • intitle:”write for us”
  • intitle:”write for me”
  • intitle:”contribute to”
  • intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog
  • “submit a guest post”
  • inurl:/guest-post/
  • “guest post”
  • “guest post by”
  • “accepting guest posts”
  • “guest post guidelines”
  • “guest author”
  • “guest article”
  • “guest column”
  • “become a contributor”
  • inpostauthor:guest keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest blog” keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest post” keyword
  • Inurl:become-a-contributor

It would get you a much better result than just simply trying out a combination of keywords. This is an example of using Google search with an operator and footprint and there are more than a 1000 operators that help you drill down to exactly what you’re looking for in your search results.

Finding influencers On Instagram

If your product or brand is more visually appealing (apparel, food, beauty, health etc) then Instagram is the platform for you. Finding influencers on Instagram is similar and as easy as finding them on Twitter. Use the excellent search functionality on Instagram just like you would on Twitter and find the influencers that best meet your needs.

Sending across a message on Instagram is one of the fastest ways of getting aboard the influencer marketing train. If you know your business well, you’ll have pitch ready and collaborative ideas already laid out in your head.

If you are selling a product, it is usually a good idea to hand over a promotional item to your influencers so they can demo, try, and display the product to their fans. If they have a business account on Instgram maybe they also have an email id mentioned where you could get in touch.

Influencers On LinkedIn

If you’re looking to connect with professionals from a field, networking opportunities from your industry or leads for your business then LinkedIn is your best bet. It was literally built on the idea that professionals would come and connect with each other on the platform. But before you go rushing off to try and search for influencers in your industry, a little self-introspection is necessary. LinkedIn is a very professional platform.

You need to make a good impression. When you’re reaching out to influencers, your profile should be set up so that they would want to work with you as well. Have you showcased your skills, brand strengths, and experience? Influencer marketing is a two-way street, they should want to work with you as well as you with them. They have their own reputation to worry about after all.

Like Twitter and Instagram, you can also do a quick search for the industry you want to target. However, the benefit of LinkedIn is that it allows you to add a lot more filters to narrow your search as much as you can.

Another advantage of LinkedIn is you can have access to some of the members of the top echelon of the company. CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s could be within your reach. Send them a connection request with a message about why you think it would be beneficial for them to connect with you.

If your connection request does get accepted move ahead with the pitch for your brand influencer marketing. You might have to try several approaches before you find one that works for you.

Finding influencers Using Twitter

Looking for influencers on Twitter is a piece of cake. Use Twitter’s search functionality, look for the topic in which you have an interest, and swipe to the people tab. You’ll see a list of hundreds of individuals who show an affinity for your search.

If you’re looking for ways to approach influencers on twitter there are two ways to go about it. The more direct method is to send the influencers a DM (direct message) or email them about your proposal (assuming they’ve mentioned their email Id in their bio).

This method might work with some influencers however the more long-term approach is to try and form a relationship with the influencers.

  • Retweeting some of their more interesting posts
  • Ask them for their opinion on related topic
  • @ them in your tweets while asking questions related to your topics.

Once you’ve established some form of relationship with the influencers it becomes much easier for you to bring up a partnership.

I hope this blog post makes it that much easier for you to find influencers for your brand or product. Feel free to post comment below any more tips and tricks you may have to find influencers or your experience dealing with this marketing method.

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