7 Growth Hacking Tips For Brand Awareness

Brands all over the world are looking for innovative ways of increasing their social media numbers as quickly as possible. Improved social numbers mean more people are looking at your content, sharing it, and quite possibly making purchases of your products and services. Social media algorithms have gotten so good at giving the customers what they want, that if they’re not subscribed to your content, they’ll probably never hear of it.

You could always use paid advertising and spend thousands of dollars on trying to achieve your content goals. But before you do, we suggest you try using these amazing growth hacking tips to grow your brand awareness quickly. While past logic may have you believe that these guerilla marketing tactics will have you putting money into your socials to improve your growth or post several times a day to improve your brand awareness, the answer is an astounding NO!

What Is Social Media Growth Hacking?

A growth hacking strategy involves getting your readers to share more rather than having them follow your page. Creating a follower base can be quite expensive. Instead, why not invest in creating excellent shareable content which your customer would love to pass on to their friends. It creates a massive chain of shares which ultimately leads to better customer acquisition for your business. The users that like your content and are willing to share it would be more likely to like and follow your social profiles as well. You have to be well versed with the strategies for sharing including the best times to share, the hashtags to use, and the platforms different types of media needs to be shared on.

Tips To Help Boost Brand Awareness Using Social Media

1) Follow The Trends

Topics like fashion follow trends. You have to do your research before creating content. Look at what your competition and target audience are discussing and quickly try and deliver content better than the competition. Bitcoins were a hot topic for months before finally subsiding in the tech area (although it is still widely discussed in particular forums). Taxes are important when the countries budget is being announced; politician policies get highlighted when an election is in the offing. Find a trend for your topic and spread the word like wildfire.

2) Bring A Meme To Life

Memes are the internet’s best and most shareable form of a joke. If you are able to crack the secret of the meme and leverage it to improve your brand’s visibility you will have no problem at all. Make sure the jokes are, relevant, following the general public reaction, share-worthy, and most of all funny.

3) Use Customer Queries To Generate Content

Social Media platforms provide your instant access to the thoughts of your customers. Use their feedback to generate content that they need. There are several reporting tools within the social media platforms that help you understand your target demographic better. This makes it easier to curate and publish content that will better suit them. Also, pay attention to feedback and see if there is something that you genuinely need to change about the brand.

4) Leadership

Portraying leadership in your field will compel users to trust your content over your competition. You have to be at the absolute cutting edge of the content you create and your research has to be spot on. The more engaged the customer is with your content, the easier it will be for you to complete other monetary actions in the future.

5) Customer Reviews

Ensuring you have a high turnover of positive reviews on your socials will definitely help you improve your brand awareness among your customers. Your prospects will more often than not prefer reading to other customer experiences with your business rather than an ad or your own content. Make sure to treat your existing customers right.

6) Multiple Content Formats

In today’s world of high-speed internet and affordable data plans, video content is king. Make sure that your content is a good mix of video, audio, and written content formats. You don’t need to be Spielberg, just make it entertaining.

7) Influencer Marketing

Many product categories especially health and fitness, make-up, and traveling have several influencers who’s opinion is trusted by the masses. Having an influencer promote your product is a great way to get the crowd excited about your product.

While the strategies may sound like a breeze they’re quite difficult to execute. Luckily there are plenty of highly specialized brand-building companies that do this sort of work on a regular basis. You have the resources, hire a specialized company to do the grunt work for you and always make sure to help your customers spread the word. Make ample use of the share buttons.

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