5 Ways To Successfully Disrupt Your Competition

Disruption is an interesting concept if you think about it, but when people talk about companies that have disrupted industries they only think about Amazon, Uber, Walmart.

Walmart for having disrupted the local business in communities it sprang up, Uber for disrupting the taxi-cab services all over the world, and Amazon for causing a major upheaval in the retail space. Is it only these large conglomerates that disrupt or can smaller companies do the same?

The truth of the matter is that you don’t need to be an Amazon, or a Walmart to cause disruption. Even a tiny company can do so.

When people think about disruption, they think in terms of industries. When in reality disruption is about causing havoc for your competition. It’s about doing something so unique, unparalleled, and noticeable that you pull on customers to you.

Here are five ways in which to disrupt your competition and come ahead in the game.

No Need For Comparison

This is an important lesson that needs to be learned by all businesses. You are not only competing with your direct competitors, but with businesses all over the world. When thinking about what your customer service should be like, don’t compare yourself with your competition. Compare yourself with companies that provide the best customer service. Try and set yourself up as a benchmark for other companies to achieve.

Win On Social Media

For you to be able to truly compete on global standards your social media game has to be exemplary. Not only with regard to customer service and dealing with customer complaints, but also expanding your marketing efforts through it. You have to take a step beyond the normal and do something outrageous and bold.

Be Quick To Respond

Customers have a lot of options and small attention spans. Quickly responding to customer queries can delight them in unimaginable ways. It shows an eagerness on your part to do business with them, and that you’re always paying close attention to what is happening. It also helps build trust with the customer and gets them on their way to becoming loyal customers.

Use The Latest Technology

Every day some new technologies are being invented that help you connect with your audience in new and exciting ways. Embrace these technologies and see how they can help you improve your customer experience. Even working with a good CRM program can help you better manage your customer and their expectations. An important point to note here is that technology should be enabled to help not only make your life simpler but add value to the customer as well. Without value, the customer might not go for it as you’d expect. Chatbots, for instance, are a great way of providing your customers with quick response answers without having to interact with a human. It saves the customers time which is always appreciated.

Convenience Is Key

One of the biggest keys to disrupting your competition comes in the form of convenience to the customer. Being proactive and handling customers problems before they mention it, scheduling your business hours to suit your customers, and focusing your efforts on providing your customers with comforts they could not even think of. Retail companies are always looking for faster ways of getting their customers billing taken care of because they know that no one likes to wait. Remember that if all things are equal, customer’s will always pick the business more convenient for them.

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